Gold Microsoft Partner

Tectura is a globally recognized business consulting provider with a strong foothold in India and Asia . As a gold Microsoft partner, we are committed to delivering unparalleled services and consistently generating substantial value through our exceptional consulting, software, and IT implementation solutions.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Tectura empowers your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365, elevating productivity and efficiency to new heights. Our expertise lies in optimising and automating your organisational workflows, enabling you to streamline operations and achieve peak performance.

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Microsoft Azure

Experience the power of Azure to build secure, future-proof cloud solutions that cater to your unique needs. Whether you prefer an on-premises setup, a hybrid environment, a multi cloud approach, or cutting-edge edge computing, Azure empowers you to create robust solutions.

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90% Of Fortune 500 Companies

A significant majority of the top-ranking businesses in the Fortune 500 have embraced the Microsoft Cloud, making it their preferred choice. Widely acclaimed by renowned industry authorities like Forrester and Gartner, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution holds a dominant position in the market. With an impressive customer base exceeding 500,000 in over 60 countries and supporting 40 languages, it has established itself as a global leader.

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Cloud For Business

Transform your business with the cloud, driving cost-effective operations, boosting productivity, and fostering a culture of innovation. At Tectura, we embrace cutting-edge practices, enabling scalable and impactful innovations that align with your unique business needs.

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Industry leader. Customer first. Technological insight.

Tectura is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and provides end-to-end solutions delivery to organizations. Our proficient consultants possess extensive expertise in delivering solutions tailored to your business requirements, enabling you to attain peak performance. By leveraging our industry acumen and adopting best practices, we deliver Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, and other technological solutions that effectively cater to your unique needs.


Implementing an ERP system is crucial for your business, as it empowers your workforce to enhance productivity and facilitates seamless scalability as your business expands.

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Unlock the potential of CRM to efficiently streamline customer management and cultivate fruitful relationships, leading to optimised customer service and enhanced ecosystem dynamics.


Comprehensive ERP and CRM integration services. Our skilled and experienced advisors leverage cutting-edge IT advancements to deliver tailored solutions for clients.

Business Applications For Digital Transformation

Tectura is Your Digital Transformation Partner

Life Sciences

Balancing the Cost of Compliance with Bottom Line Demands

Tectura Life Sciences, powered by the robust Microsoft Dynamics platform, offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the diverse needs of the Life Sciences sector.
Tectura Life Sciences enables you to meet regulatory requirements while maximising your bottom line. From optimising procurement to improving manufacturing efficiency, our solution empowers you to balance compliance costs with financial demands effectively.

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Chemicals and Plastics

Enhancing Operational Efficiency by Optimising Yields and Lowering Expenses

The present-day chemical and plastic industry encounters a plethora of obstacles, including rigorous adherence to regulations and compliance, mounting environmental apprehensions, escalating energy expenses, and diminishing profitability.

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Food Manufacturing & Distribution

Increasing Visibility Into Your Manufacturing Operations

The realm of food manufacturing and distribution exhibits remarkable variety. Countless varieties of goods (ranging from fresh, frozen, chilled, to long-lasting items) undergo numerous processes to cater to an extensive customer base. These customers encompass not only large-scale retailers but also smaller chains, independent stores, catering services, restaurants, and exporters.

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Helping Deliver Increased Sales and Customer Loyalty

We provide a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for the retail industry, enabling retailers to efficiently attain their targets in terms of performance and revenue. Our Retail ERP solution streamlines your processes, grants you greater authority over your stock, and, above all, prioritises the customer as the focal point of your operations.

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Beverage and Brewery

Managing Compliance Costs and Financial Priorities

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Drink-IT was meticulously designed to cater specifically to the unique needs of breweries, beverage producers, and specialised wholesale traders. Its ultimate goal is to empower these businesses in effectively confronting the complex challenges posed by compliance obligations, all while ensuring their bottom line remains resilient and thriving.

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Discrete Manufacturing

Empowering Enhanced Production through Optimal Efficiency

With our profound proficiency in the discrete manufacturing domain, we can assist you in attaining unwavering control and seamless oversight of your operations, resulting in heightened responsiveness to the ever-evolving requirements of your valued clients.

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Professional Services

Optimise Business Operations with Service Management Software for Enhanced Financial Control and Growth

Embrace the Power of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM to streamline and integrate critical functions across your organisation. Our comprehensive solution encompasses finance, project management, procurement, human resources, customer relationship management, and efficient time and budget management. Experience the benefits of instant access to valuable insights and data, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive business flexibility.

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Equipment Distribution

Unlock Enhanced Visibility and Command, Optimise Equipment Utilisation, and Elevate Customer Delight

The robust Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution caters specifically to equipment distributors, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for efficient business management. Seamlessly integrating functions such as general ledger, sales, receivables, parts, service, field service, rental, leasing, and project engineering, our cutting-edge solution empowers you to establish fruitful connections with both customers and suppliers. Experience unparalleled transparency throughout your dealership, allowing you to gain valuable insights and exercise complete control.

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Business Applications For Digital Transformation

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Your business. Our Insight.Tectura is commited to provide sound advice and technology that supports your technology needs. We are the CRM, ERP and turnkey solution expert focusing on your growth.

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